The PPC Marketing Case Study

Google Ads For Local Growth

Case Study Highlights

Google Ads Solve A Lot Of Problems
When done right Google PPC ads solve some of the most critical problems small business face. There are some very expensive pitfalls that must be avoided however.
The Campaign Found The Best Customers
The best customers for this medical practice were customers who searched for alternative healing methods. With Google Adwords we were able to steer them back to proven healing solutions.
The Highest Growth Rates
The practice is now experiencing the highest growth rates of their history and the campaign needs basic maintenance to keep bringing in high value patients.
PPC Local Marketing



San Francisco Doctors Grow Their Practice Fast With Pay Per Click Google Ads

Why should you use Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)?
Even when you rank near the top of Googles you can gain a competitive advantage from using Google Adwords.

This is how it’s done:

  1. You can rank for keywords that are not easy to optimize for
  2. Adwords is at the very top of the page
  3. You can show off a landing page that converts for specific high value keywords, vs, just your home page
  4. It gives you even more prominence and real estate on Google
  5. You can target high value “buyers" by using demographics
  6. You can target “buyers" versues people who are just curious

Desipte these great reasons there are significant challenges to executing a PPC that shows a good ROI.
When we undertook the PPC campaign for one of San Francisco’s most prominent spine doctors they were facing significant challenges because the volume of organic traffic was lagging.

JJM undertook a complete strategic review of the PPC marketplace for spinal medical practitioners in San Francisco.

What we discovered was that:

  1. Buyers were using very specific terms that were different from the usual organic SEO terms
  2. There was significant opportunity in very specific search terms which needed custom keywords and call to actions (CTAs)
  3. There was a big opportunity for some holistic keywords that really needed medical doctor care while looking for alternative medical practioners.

Once the strategic direction was decided by using quantitative analysis JJM executed on creating the copywring needed to create conversions and the keyword purchases to create traffic.

The PPC has since become a key revenue generator for the medical practice. It has been inviting new patients for almost a year and has helped double the practices revenue.

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