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Case Study Highlights

Know Where Your Marketing Leads
Good marketing means you have a strategic direction. That you understand your audience and have a message that resonates. All this in more is included in the Marketing Strategy Package
Marketing Plans Drives Sales
Once we discovered the message that resonated the actions we took were magnified in effectiveness. Instead of a hard road, the path forward became easier and more productive.
The Growth Trajectory is Assured
The client is having an amazing launch and their growth path is assured. We were proud to be part of the team that supported this history making company.
Marketing Strategy for Local Business



Oakland Based Property Management Company Establishes Fast Growth With Marketing Strategy

Seville Property Management was continuing the legacy of one of the most prominent real estate investors in Oakland CA.

Having decades of experience in the local real estate market, the company hired James Jordan Marketing to complete a formal marketing plan for their new venture.

They hired James Jordan Marketing for a full marketing plan to set the strategic direction of revenue growth for the new company.

The result of the work was several fold:

  1. The local nature of the business had to be emphasized and the local business location was key to their local prominence.
  2. Their target customer was clearly defined which focused their effectiveness for clients & business partners
  3. An industry survey showed benefits that were most important to their target customer and indicated how they could quickly grow their reputation & service quality.
  4. Their existing web & social media property strategies were validated and upgraded to contribute to their success.
  5. The email technology & follow up strategy was clarified and became a key component of their growth.

As a result of working with James Jordan Marketing the Seville Property Management strategic direction was fully defined and executed for the fiscal year to come which resulted in an exciting launch and sustained funnel of incoming clients on a weekly basis.

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