Marketing Insight Case Study

Marketing Insight For Explosive Growth

Case Study Highlights

Understanding Your Customers Is Key
You need to observe how prospects engage with your brand. That is the only way to improve your results. The James Jordan Marketing Insight package does that better than any other system we know of.
We Can See Exactly What They Think
The JJM package goes far beyond analytics into qualitative observations of why they take action. In addition it creates a CRM so you can contact the hottest prospects with information that is important to them.
We Are Supercharging our Reaction Times
With the Marketing Insight Package we are creating a daily queue of leads that we follow up with to close sales.
Marketing Insights for Local Businesses


Marketing Company Uses Internal Marketing Insight To Drive Growth

We love partnering with other Marketing agencies and one of our core offerings gives service based businesses a key benefit to increase their business.

What if you could:

  1. See exactly what people are doing on your website
  2. Understand exactly what your visitors are interested in
  3. Automatically import all of those visitors into a Customer Management system
  4. Send marketing campaigns that track exactly how your contact list thinks about your business
  5. Give your sales teams a daily list of the hottest prospects who have shown an interest in your services

That’s what we offer with the James Jordan Marketing Insight Package. Our tools give you the insight you need to make critical decisions and to communicate with your prospective customers.

We use this system ourself! And it has given us a level of visibility into how people react to our brand that we have never seen before. This visibility allows us to make critical decisions about our marketing direction and how to engage our prospective customers.

The Marketing Agency That Listens


We earn your trust. That’s why we listen so closely to you.
We focus on building connection. Not only between you and your customers, but between us and you.


Building trust means we understand.
We'll understand your core needs. You’ll understand what we are doing.


Measure twice. Cut once. That's our motto.

That’s why listening to you is the only thing that matters. Once we understand you we'll execute your plan.