Email Marketing is #1 in ROI

Case Study Highlights

Email Is Proven #1 For Marketing
Study after study shows nothing performs like email when it comes to establishing customer relationships.


Doing It Right Requires Planning
It takes well thought out messaging and strategy to do email marketing correctly. Doing it right is not as simple as sending one off emails that you type randomly.


This Client Got Their Biggest Contract To Date
James Jordan Marketing worked with them to discover a Call To Action (CTA) that would resonate with their market. This resulted in the biggest client to date.

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HR Company Gets Its Best Client With One Simple Email System

Visionova HR helps local companies and non profits with the most difficult human resources jobs. They are known for their comprehensive & high quality service which they offer in person or online. Starting in 2019 California law SB 1343 requires companies with more than 5 employees to comply with strict harassment training rules.

Visionova HR knew their prospective customers needed these services and that they needed a strategy to reach these ideal customers. Visionova and James Jordan Marketing deployed The Email Marketing Package to identify and contact the companies most likely in need of SB 1343 Training.

As a result of the outreach Visionova HR executed a successful live training seminar that brought together over 40 of their ideal prospects. Multiple clients signed up for ongoing service and to date their largest client acquisition to date was as a result of the seminar marketing of James Jordan Marketing. Visionova HR is the HR manager of record for multiple mid sized company clients as a result of the JJM Email Marketing Package.

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