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Your Digital Platform Is Your Online Storefront
We have found again and again critical mistakes that are hurting their business. Your digital marketing properties are your online storefront. You need to put your best foot forward.


We Upgraded All The Social Media To Professional Grade
Customers check business online before they buy. Because we upgraded the client’s social media platforms her customers immediately became more willing to purchase quickly. 


The Client Started Getting Leads Immediately
The platform had an immediate effect on their bottom line. The phrase “ringing of the hook” became a regular saying and they have to reorganize their staff to handle the increased revenue.

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Local Notary Company Achieves Highest Growth in 25 Years

Hunter Notary Services offers traveling notary services for Title companies and real estate transactions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Having been in business for over 25 years and had established a strong presence within the marketplace.

However they had recently noticed a dip in new business and hired James Jordan Marketing to reverse the trend.

JJM created a digital markting platform for Hunter Notary Services that immediately turned things around.

The marketing platform includes:

  1. Fully built and optimized profiles in the most popular social media and review sites.
  2. An upgrade of existing review pages, including Yelp, to better show their benefits and services
  3. Coaching on the best way to acquire new reviews
  4. Copy that communicates the best unique value of the business on the social media
  5. Graphics sized correctly and placed correctly with the right messaging in the social media and review sites
  6. Implementation of the businesse’s email signature to increase their unique value
  7. A one stop password platoform that allows one point of entry for all their social media properties.

The results were outstanding.

Within one week of implementation Hunter Notary services reported the highest increase in business they had ever experienced.

The increase was substantial and sustained. The phrase “ringing off the hook” was used and Hunter Notary Services is well on it’s way to establishing themselves as a dominant force in title company notary services.

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