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Effective marketing cuts to the core. It considers audience habits, celebrates vulnerability, and proves your value. Reach customers at any stage of their journey by leading with what matters most. That’s why you choose James Jordan Marketing

Telling Your Story

The best marketing always tells a story. The hard part is getting it down. That’s what we do, we gather all the inputs and organize the information so we can write your marketing story.

We understand how to put your customer at the center of that story.

Spreading Your Message

Once your story is burnished till it gleams then its time to shout it out.

Our marketing strategy will show you how to do that.

Hire us to tell it or do it yourself. What’s important is that it gets told.

With your marketing strategy in hand you’ll know exactly how it should be done.

Measuring Success

Everything we recommend includes a measurement of success & a way to measure it.

That’s what a plan is. A way to measure achievement.

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We want to see the world through your eyes. That’s why an engagement with us always starts with deep listening. Your marketing roadmap takes shape from understand where you are now and where you want to go.

Customer Personas

Everything starts with the customer. Using our proprietary algorithm we show what they are thinking and what makes them buy.

Your Unique Value Proposition

The listening and customer focus we discover how to put your unique value into words. Knowing what this is lets you connect with your target audiences. This UVP should be front and center in all of your marketing.

Marketing Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis compares your current marketing performance with its potential. We’ll find the gaps in your current marketing plan and discover opportunities to expand your reach. We’ll identify what needs to be done to bridge the gap.

Your Brand Story

With all this information we develop your story. This is a story that resonates with you and your customers. It’s purpose is to make communication easy and persuasion easy. It allows you to highlight your value and understand how to communicate with your customers.

Finally it makes it fun for your customers to engage with you.

Your Action Plan

All this results in a plan of action that is simple in its elegance and powerful in its effect. It’s your roadmap to growing your revenue. It lets you spread your message to the correct people when they are receptive to your communications.

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