JJM will help you come up with a great tag line. It should be obvious how unique you are! That’s why you need a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A compelling USP is the cornerstone of successful marketing. A great tagline quickly summarizes the full USP and communicates the key selling proposition in one or two seconds.

Sales copy is any content designed to convert your target audience to a certain action. It’s goal is to move your prospect closer to doing business with you. It includes sales pages, websites, brochures. Anything that has the primary purpose to convert is sales copy.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are also known as cornerstone content, long form content, and SEO articles. These are longer articles which educate and inform your audience. They build trust with your audience, they educate your audience about your benefits, they show your expertise, they help you rank higher on Google and more. JJM will do the heavy lifting of crystallizing your knowledge into well written cornerstone content.